C r a z y--s t o r i e st- a b o u tt- L e -R o u x

Wading in the water of the famous club 55 beach in Pampelone, Le Roux exhibits his paintings on huge rests intaled in the sea.

Pink elephant under a red sail … a mirage?
Not at all : you do see an elephant back in flesh and bone that Le roux, clad as a maharaja, ride on the beaches of Saint-Tropez. Fashion designer Marc Seychelle created a superb dress out of pink tulle with garters for the animal !
Yellow lady under red sail? Just another play with Marlene !
She offers her body and the artist with hand-cover it yellow, everybody watching.

New pictoral rambles in blue white red to celebrate 14th of July on Pampelonne Tahiti beach.
Gerard Le Roux exhibits three almost nude nymphets with ‘cocardes de la République’ and phrygian caps.

Le Roux and Le Roux ! flanked by his homonym - Gerard Le Roux a writer from Geneva - the artist uses divers to pop up paintings out of the sea near club 55 beach.

Royal setting on ‘place de la Mairie in St Tropez’ for the king instead of president. Gerard le Roux has dressed as king sun and paraded the highly republican place to celebrate the new millennium.

Red sail pontoon has become famous Paul Tomaselli, the landlord, asked
his friend Gerard le Roux to paint the pontoon.
The artwork has been sold by the famous auctioneer Cornette from Saint-Cyr and benefit offered to UNICEF.

Once upon a time from high in the sky … inspired by Icare’s dream, Virgin Express president Richard Branson, proposed Gerard le Roux to set on board one of his boeing 737. The artist painted ‘Virgin’ from Nice to Bruxelles.